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When my son Dino was in Grade 5 he wanted a red electric guitar for Christmas. Although I thought his interest would be short lived, I got him the guitar and he started weekly lessons with Alex.  Fast toward six years... Dino is now 16 (now 20) and still playing and studying guitar with Alex.  He has gone from playing electric guitar to acoustic and back to electric.  He has gone from not knowing what end of the guitar was up to being able to play even the most complicated guitar pieces.  Dino really looks forward to his weekly lessons with Alex and especially likes that they practice music from bands that are on his current playlist.  Alex has such a way with kids and can relate to them whether they are 10 or 16 years old.  He makes learning fun but also ensures that they learn and advance with their musical knowledge and skills.  Alex is dependable and punctual.  We feel so lucky to have found him as a teacher and would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to play guitar.

Patricia (client from 2014 - present)



Alex is a knowledgeable, understanding, and an inspiring music teacher. In the 5 years that our children have been taking lessons from him, we have been delighted that their skills and interest in music continue to improve and take shape.  Alex spends an hour each week working with our kids, teaching them music that they find interesting.   He patiently moves at the kids pace to ensure they understand the material before moving forward. Finally, he follows up with notes and assignments so they can continue to practice throughout the week. Alex knows how to keep the kids engaged and help them develop a greater love for music. 

Jean and Edmund (client from 2017 - present)

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